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CLUBBERPLANET - website for all DJs, Musicians, Listeners & Record Labels.

Artists and djs can post and organize their music on CLUBBERPLANET for other people to hear. Contributors can also provide links for listeners to buy music. You can increase your visibility across CLUBBERPLANET and easily reach new audiences. Your tracks will be here to be rightfully appreciated by the audience and receiving the attention it deserves.

Upload music to website CLUBBERPLANET an excellent way to sell your music or promote your tracks to a Worldwide Audience!

Listen to the best DJs and musicians. Share their tracks on CLUBBERPLANET & to be heard everywhere!

-Your sounds could be broadcast on CLUBBERPLANET Radio.

-We'll email you as soon as your tracks is listened to and you will receive further notifications if your track/mix is broadcast on your CLUBBERPLANET station.

-Collection of radio shows, Podcasts & DJ mixes.

-You're free to upload and listen.

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